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For all Qatar Duty Free competitions implemented online the following rules apply


  1. Participants must follow @QatarDutyFree (QDF) on the social media platform the competition is promoted on.  

  2. General terms and conditions of each competition apply, along with the rules provided at the time of the competition.

  3. Competitions which require the highest number of likes will only be judged upon organic likes. Paid likes will be exempt from all competitions and posts will be forfeited.

  4. Competition dates will be clearly stated. All entries outside of the competition timings will be excluded.

  5. Prizes are to be claimed within the times provided. Qatar Duty Free reserves the right to award the prize to the second runner up. 

  6. The competition will only be valid on the social platforms mentioned at the time of the competition.

  7. Winners will be announced on our social platforms. The winners name/account name will be published across our social media accounts.

  8. Qatar Duty Free reserves the right to repost contestant’s pictures.

  9. To claim any prize the winner must submit a copy of his/her Qatar National ID and Passport.

  10. If the winner resides outside Qatar, QDF is not responsible for any customs, taxes, shipping costs and/or any other charges.

  11. QDF does not hold any liability to lost/damaged items through the transit of delivering the item.

  12. The winner can contact QDF at marketing@qatardutyfreepromo.com for more information.

  13. Qatar Airways Group staff (excluding QDF staff) are eligible to participate.

  14. All other terms and conditions of Qatar Duty Free and Qatar Airways apply.

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